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About Us

Cy's Linen Service, Inc. is a proven leader in linen service due to our industry leading technology, exceptional quality control system and outstanding customer commitment.

Industry Leading Technology

  • Cy's Linen Service, Inc. facility is equipped with commercial conventional washers and dryers which provide a better wash for your linen.
  • Cy's Linen Service, Inc. facility is equipped with six commercial irons which provide a great flatwork finish on everything from sheets to table linen.
  • Cy's Linen Service, Inc. facility is equipped with commercial folders and small piece folders.
  • Cy's Linen Service, Inc. uses Ecolab as our chemical suppliers. Ecolab provides an on site chemical representative and offsite labs. Ecolab chemicals assures the brightness and softness of all our linen.
  • Cy's Linen Service, Inc. facility is equipped with a generator back up system which allows us to operate 100% of our equipment during any natural disaster.

Exceptional Quality Control System

  • Cy's Linen Service, Inc. exceptional quality control includes a system which utilizes color coordinated tags and carts that tracks the linen from the time it arrives in our facility to the time it leaves our facility.

Outstanding Customer Commitment

  • Cy's Linen Service, Inc. believes in 100% of customer satisfaction. Our team of laundry professionals have been providing outstanding customer satisfaction since 1945. Our experience and knowledge in commercial laundry allows us to constantly deliver and exceed to our customer's expectations. We also have dedicated customer service representatives that work closely with our accounts.


Cy's Linen Service, Inc. Green Program uses Ecolab Eco Friendly Chemicals.

Cy's Linen Service, Inc. Water Reuse Program reuses 12 million gallons of water per year.

Our continuous efforts in recycling has won us awards from organizations such as
the Florida Pollution Prevention Roundtable, Inc.


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